Level Up!

This summer has been quite an adventure! That's what I choose to call it - a crazy adventure! So what better way to celebrate our son's 4th birthday than with a Super Mario themed party. His love of all things Mario & Luigi started at the beginning 2020 and is still going strong. As a Super Mario fan myself, I was delighted to get this theme underway!

A few DIY projects complete, decorations purchased, and it all came together. We had to move this small, family gathering indoors because of the gloomy, rainy day. A few last minute changes were made, but it all worked out.

Our guests were greeted by a Mario photo area! The birthday boy got to pose with his family here and now we have some great shots with him and his cousins, aunties and uncles.

A welcome sign for our guests/players!

We made sure our guests/players were protected in the game - against all sorts of enemies!

This was one of our DIY projects! A styrofoam ball painted to look like a "Piranha Plant". We stuck the ball on a painted wooden dowel and placed it in a flower pot we spray painted green. My son is finally old enough to help me with these craft projects and it makes it so much more fun!

Our dining room table was decorated with a Super Mario tablecloth from Party City with a few decorations placed down the middle of the table. The little Mario and Luigi were McDonald's Happy Meal toys from a little while ago. The tubes were various plumbing pieces and Pringles containers. I had to get creative this time around because there was limited shopping options as I planned this party in the middle of self-isolation at home. It made it a fun challenge and forced us to get even more creative!

The food table or "Power Up" station was our main focal point of decor. Hmmm, could it be because I'm 7 1/2 months pregnant and want alllll the snacks?! Perhaps! This is where Pinterest was definitely our best friend! SO many great ideas on there!


Of course we had to include a "Fire Power" veggie tray!

"Fire Power" Cheeto balls and a "Koopa Shell" Fruit Salad, anyone?

And we can't have "Fire Power" without "Ice Power". 
And some Mario Kart "Banana Peels".

This felt "Fire Flower" was another craft project we made. All felt pieces were cut out and glued to a cardboard centre, then placed in another flower pot painted green.

These cookies were made by "Cookie Crafty" out of Fort Saskatchewan. 
They were super cute and delicious!

"Yoshi Jello" and "Cloud Jello" for the kiddos... (and a few of the adults).

A build-your-own-sundae bar to complete the day's festivities! 

Each of our guests/players took home a goodie "Mystery Bag" filled with gold chocolate coins and other treats!

This was such fun party to plan, despite the weather and the year we have all been having. My hope is that our son remembers these moments and all the laughs he shared with his cousins this day. It has been a tough year for everyone and no-one knows what the future holds, but making time for these memories to happen is what life is all about. 

Thanks for following along! 




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