You've Got a Friend in Me!

As the last few days of summer slip by us, I wanted to take a moment to share with you the highlight of our summer...our son's 3rd birthday party! I look forward to planning this day every year and now that he finally understands and appreciates the details, it makes it even sweeter. 

We have all three Toy Story movies on repeat in our home. They are the latest obsession for our little guy. What's not to love, though? The first movie captivated me 24 years ago and they are still making us fall in love with new characters and storylines. Toy Story 4 was the first movie our son saw in a theatre, so it has really has been the summer of Buzz & Woody in our household! And I wouldn't have it any other way. 

With this theme, the possibilities were endless and the decor was mostly found in our toy box. The hallway to our backdoor is the perfect spot to make a vignette, so I love creating a special showcase of the theme here. (I love it so much, it's still set-up, over a month later, lol).

Toys, books, old suitcases and trunks made up the majority of the decor. The wall was covered with blue poster paper from the dollar store with white clouds I cut out and taped to the paper. 
I found a free template for the clouds on Pinterest here

I found this pre-cut triangle bunting at Dollar Tree, and it will become a great addition to our supply of birthday party decorations.  Of course we needed a few green army men scoping out the birthday party situation. 

A few of our favourite books, blocks and pictures of the birthday boy added a little detail. 

Mr. Potato Head and a barrel of monkeys made their way into the display.

And there go those green army men, making their way up the book shelf!

Every year I choose a book for our guests to jot down a message for the birthday boy. 
I chose "Dear Boy" because of it's sweet message, and this being the first year I consider him to be a "boy" and not a baby. Ugh! Who knew how hard these milestones would be on a Mama?! 
(cue the waterworks!)

With a July birthday, we usually head outside for the rest of the birthday fun! With the rain-soaked summer we had, we lucked out with one of the nice days. 

I had fun making the "Woody/Buzz" bunting for these tables. 
Card-stock was cut into triangles and taped to string.

Gummy worm snakes, pouring out of a boot?! Yes, please!

Funny story - the birthday boy was found hiding under the table 
shovelling handfuls of these gummy worms into his mouth....ah, the perfect crime! lol.

Popcorn bags as Bo Peep's Sheep! I found the sheep printable here on Pinterest.

The Watering Hole and some Space Alien punch! 

The tables were a mixture of Buzz and Woody. 
I found everything at the dollar store (even the Toy Story window stickers!). 

The birthday boy's special seat for opening presents and blowing out his candles.

I found a Toy Story croquet set at Walmart, and I made a can-toss game and "The Claw" - which was a box filled with treats and a large hair clip was used to grab them out of the box. 

Keeping kiddos entertained all afternoon, is a feat in itself! 
The can toss game, did the trick....for about 5 minutes. lol. 

I lucked out with this one though. The inside of the Pull-Ups box just happened to be a Toy Story themed colouring page. Woot! Woot! 

Also bubbles and dress-up clothes for the win!

A photo area was set-up in our sunroom, with a blue cloud backdrop 
and one of our Dear Doris sofas. The guests had fun dressing up as 
their favourite Toy Story characters to snap a picture with the birthday boy!

I found these free-printable photo props on Pinterest here

The dessert table was all Buzz, because when it comes down to it - 
Buzz Lightyear and birthday cake are my son's two favourite things.

Our boy was in heaven here - green alien jellos made by his Auntie, birthday cake made by his Grandma and a array of sundae toppings! 
(notice the little "tasting" fingerprints in the cake from the birthday boy!) 

One more table was setup in the sunroom, in case we had to bring the party indoors.
I found the cloud lights at Dollarama!  

Three?! I can't believe it! 
Let the adventures begin!

Thanks for following along, friends! 

I hope you all had a wonderful summer and now a great rest of your year!

To infinity....and beyond!




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