Time to Celebrate!

This weekend I have the pleasure of decorating for a very special milestone birthday! It's going to be full of vintage charm and I cannot wait to share it with you.

A birthday as exciting as this, has got me thinking of the birthday parties I have designed in the past. I absolutely LOVE planning birthday parties and my son has inherited this love and taken it to a whole new level. Just about every day he asks me, "Is it my birthday today, Mommy?" And if we have a party to attend, he is over the moon with excitement - oh and he's completely obsessed with "HAPPY CAKE!!!"

Birthdays are so special. I think it is such an honour to grow another year older - so why not celebrate in style? Whether there's one candle on the cake, or one hundred - birthdays are the ultimate reason to go all out!

A theme or colour scheme is the best place to start - and I love tying that into every - detail - possible. The invitations, tablecloths, centrepieces, plates, cutlery, glasses, balloons, games, food, signage and favours are all perfect areas to spread that wonderful theme you're aiming for.

Details from my son's "One Wild Party Animal" birthday party.


The snack table turned into...

...the ice cream bar!

With so many resources out there, (Pinterest, Instagram) there are millions of ideas you can find - but I like to start from scratch. I find out what the special birthday person is in to - what makes them light up and smile! Whether that's gardening, unicorns or choo-choo trains - everyone has something they love!

Once I know what makes them tick - that's when the ideas start snowballing! Then I head to Pinterest for inspiration and find ways to make it my own. With a little DIY and dollar store supplies - the possibilities are endless.

The invitations are the best way to get your theme rolling. I'm old school and still like to mail invitations - I mean who doesn't beam with joy when you get an actual card/letter/invite in your mailbox! I like to check out Vistaprint for pre-made designs that fit with my theme to save some time. If I'm really ambitious, I'll design/make them myself - but generally the pre-set designs are the way to go (and if you plan on sending thank you cards, order them at the same time as your invites). Plus it's a bonus when you can get a 50% off coupon code - sign up for their emails to make sure you don't miss any.

Once the invites are sent, you can start planning the decor. For children's parties, the dollar stores are your best bet. Plastic tablecloths, plates, cups and balloons that are in your colours - are best bought here. Beware of the cutlery though - I found out the hard way that they aren't the best quality.

For adult parties - consider renting tablecloths - they add that next level of sophistication that you really aren't going to get from plastic ones. It's more affordable than you might think - and way less of a hassle than buying them yourself. If you're local to my area, check out Esteem Wedding & Event Rentals in Vegreville, AB. They have an unbelievable selection - and are fantastic to work with.

Centrepieces are another fun way to tie in your theme. For children's parties, I love using toys they already own - along with a few store bought or rented items. For adult parties - you can't go wrong with flowers. A few simple blooms, in small vases add just the right touch.

Next up is the signage! This is the easiest, most affordable way to carry out your theme. You can download designs online, or make some of your own. Print them at home or at Staples, and you are good to go. Small chalkboards, letter boards and cinema signs are also great ways to add themed messages to direct your guests throughout the party.

A 60th birthday celebration for my
mother-in-law who loves gardening.

The best part of any party is of course - the food & drinks! Have fun with the theme here too! Add little signs, here and there to make the food part of the decor. We all know that I'm not much of a cook, but I love good presentation. The best way to take ho-hum party snacks to the next level, is to present them in a pleasing way. You'll save money on the decor and the food this way -it's a win-win!

One other hit at our son's parties - is the ice cream bar! I take small mason jars, fill them with ice cream the night before and on party day I set them out in a cooler with all sorts of toppings. It's a great hassle free way to host, because your guests can help themselves!

A pretty bohemian theme party for my best friend's little girl.

The perfect throne for a boho-princess!

The games & activities are another great way to make the party chug along all afternoon. The theme can easily be incorporated here too. With dollar store items and a little creativity - your guests will have plenty of things to keep them busy. That's what they will remember - all the FUN they had!!!

They don't have to be over the top either - colouring pages & crayons, bubbles, pin the tail on the donkey and a bean bag toss are all tried and true activities kids (and adults) will love.

My son's CHOO! CHOO! TWO! birthday party.

Each year, I have a book that we love to read (bonus if it matches the theme).
Our guests sign a birthday message in the front cover and it becomes an instant keepsake.

Chugga! Chugga! Chew! Chew!
 (clearly I had way too much fun with this theme) 

Our ice cream bar in action!

The HAPPY cake!!! In my son's opinion - the absolute best part of any party! Keep it simple and delicious - you can't go wrong with a good ol' bundt cake and a few decorations. It will keep your costs down and your guest's tummies full.

And last, but definitely not least - the favours! Send your guests home with a little something for the drive. It's a great way to coax toddlers, who don't want to leave, out the door and into the car. A little bag of popcorn or a few treats tied up in a simple dollar store bag, is the perfect way to end a party.

I hope some of these ideas spark your creativity. I know these plans may seem crazy to some, but this is what I love to do. I know it's not for everyone and that is totally okay. If you have any questions, or need help to get started on designing your next party - I would be happy to help! 

Check out my website for more ideas and my info...   deardorisvintagedesign.com

Take care & happy celebrating!




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