Enchanted Rose

When Tamara & Sheldon first told me about their wedding design ideas, I was so excited! They wanted to achieve a theme that would celebrate Ukrainian heritage, as well as their favourite Disney movie...Beauty and The Beast. Those who know me well are aware of my love of all things Ukrainian and Disney - so planning this design was a dream come true!

We transformed the Vegreville Social Centre into a magical, romantic atmosphere. Starting off with a welcoming entrance design... "Be our Guest" was written on a large gold mirror and placed next to the guest book table. Glittering gold accents were used throughout the entrance with touches of red. 

A domed single red rose and antique handheld mirror were subtle nods to Beauty and the Beast.

A beautiful chandelier was hung above the guest book table to add a glamorous touch.

 We created these two lovely spaces for guest's to take their photos throughout the evening. We decided to use the furniture already at the Social Centre, because it fit the theme so well.

Tamara and Sheldon were very excited to invite several children to their special day. They wanted to create a space their little guests could enjoy throughout the night. This table design will forever be a favourite of mine!

Tamara and Sheldon were so considerate of their little guests, they even ordered Happy Meals for them to enjoy! Such a sweet idea from a thoughtful couple!

We decided to create this display table inside the hall and it was the first thing the guest's saw when they walked in. I gathered up these antiques that represented the different characters from 
Beauty & The Beast. 

The candelabra = "Lumiere"  
The clock = "Cogsworth"
The teapot = "Mrs. Potts"
The teacup = "Chip"
The feather duster = "Babette"

The ornate mirror was decorated with the famous opening line from the Beauty & The Beast song...
"Tale as old as Time"

The guest tables were decorated with a trio a three rose-filled vases resting on stacks of antique books. Tamara made the beautiful centrepieces and we provided the books and candleholders.
Together we created this look that is quintessential Beauty & The Beast. 

The tables were draped in white tablecloths and each guest had a red napkin with a gold shimmering table runner placed down the centre of the tables. 
Red & white are traditional Ukrainian colours, so it worked perfectly for both themes. 

And it was a big Ukrainian wedding indeed...we set the hall for 400 guests! 

The head table was a focal point in the space. We draped the tables in gold sequin tablecloths with white tablecloths draped on top. The tablecloths were rented from Esteem Wedding & Event Rentals in Vegreville. As always, we love supporting local!

We placed greenery, stacks of red antique books and candlelight across the front of the head table. 

The backdrop was sheer white drape with silver beaded curtains hung from the drape. Our favourite way to add a little shimmer to the overall design.

The cake table featured a section of our white door backdrop with silver frames. 

The cake stand Tamara found was so cute - 
"Lumiere" held their cake throughout the evening. 
Tamara added Ukrainian touches to the cake table design, 
but unfortunately I didn't get a photo of the final design.

Tamara & Sheldon included the special people in their lives who couldn't be with them on their wedding day. A special memorial table was setup to honour those loved ones they were missing.

Thank you Tamara and Sheldon for trusting me with your wedding design.
It was so much fun designing your special day with you!

I wish you both many, many years filled with love & happiness!

Многая літа




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