Cute vintage ways to decorate for LOVE day!

One of my favourite holidays is quickly approaching! Valentine's Day or as I refer to it...LOVE day! 

Yes, it's an overly commercialized holiday (but they all are now, aren't they?) Here's a few, simple ways to decorate for this year's love day, using dollar store items, and decor you may already own. 

Don't feel like decorating for one silly day? Don't sweat it! Love is already in the air with the hugs and kisses you give to your loved ones - and that's the ultimate way to share the love in your home. 

Buuuut here's some ideas me (love!)

I have these adorable vintage valentines that belonged to my grandma. Every year I look for new ways to incorporate them into my decor. I found these oversized felt envelopes at Dollarama and decided to make a collage wall with all the valentiness. I simply taped them onto the wall, in a random pattern, to look like they were floating out of the envelope. You can do the same thing with any valentine cards, or cut out some heart shapes and make your own collage. A few family photos mixed into the design would be super sweet too! 

The "Be My Valentine" banner was a Homesense find, but it could easily be made at home too.

This pink & red teacup became a quick decor item, with a few simple artificial blooms tucked inside. 

A strand of globe lights, adds a subtle glow to the display.  

These banners were a Dollar Tree find this year - a super simple way to add some colour (for cheap!)

This was a wreath I whipped up using scrap ribbons I found around my craft room. 
You can find the instructions in this blog post: Valentine's Day Ribbon Wreath

A few paper doilies, strung on burlap twine - makes the cutest heart banner! 

I found these pre-cut triangles at Dollar Tree and gold letters - write out your favourite love message and voila - a custom banner! Because, who doesn't want to 'stop and smell the roses' on love day?

 Single red rose in a vase, with a Valentine placed next to it - so simple and pretty!

Letter boards are so in now! The perfect way to share your message of love and it can easily be switched out for every holiday. You can find them at Homesense or many places online. 
This one is from Shop Words & Co. 
We also rent them if you are looking for a one-time use for an event.
Check out the Dear Doris website here.

You can't go wrong with balloons! Especially these adorable heart shaped ones found at Dollar Tree. For a few dollars, you have the sweetest addition to any party or home decor.  

Paper flowers are an inexpensive way to make a big impact! There are so many tutorials out there on how to make many different designs. These pink ones I made a few months ago, add the perfect touch of pink for love day and can be used for those much anticipated spring months ahead! 

If paper flowers aren't your thing,  a few fresh blooms like these Gerber daisies, add a bright pop of colour to any decor. Buy a few stems from your local grocery store or flower shop (before the rush of Valentine's day) and you'll have fresh florals to last you for weeks after love day! 
(Who says you can't buy yourself flowers - LOVE YOURSELF, right?!)

Now if red and pink are not your thing, here are some ideas keep your decor to a more neutral palette. 
An old window hung on a wall with dollar store LOVE letters and a paper doily garland displayed across it, provides a rustic touch with out any colour. 

Display a beloved tea set and a few real or artificial blooms in a simple vase with a lovely message. 

There are so many love themed home decor items on the market today. Choose a saying that hits home for you and add it to your love day display. (Bonus, because you can use it in another room of your home after Valentine's day).

Have a big ornate frame you don't know what to do with? Spray paint it any colour (or non-colour) you like, suspend LOVE letters printed from your computer and there you have a high-impact decor item for a very inexpensive price tag. 

Chalkboards always come in handy for any season or event! Right out that love message that makes you swoon and you'll have a custom decor item that will make you smile every time you look at it. 

My favourite children's book is LOVE YOU FOREVER. I made this sign for my son's room. I took a piece of barn wood and hot-glued these letters I found from Walmart on to it. Walmart also carries "barn wood" type blank wooden boards like this in their craft section. I'm sure Michael's does as well. 

This was a quick project I made last year. A blank white canvas (purchased from Michael's or Walmart) with a burlap heart glued to the centre. I hot-glued buttons around the heart and a strand of burlap ribbon around the edge. This would be a great way to display heirloom buttons or broaches.

Finally - this LOVE sign! I bought it years ago for our wedding and I've used it many, many times since then. A timeless piece that works for so many occasions - especially LOVE day itself. 

I hope you enjoyed these ideas and maybe they will bring you inspiration to decorate for Valentine's day or any event you have in your future. If you have any questions or want to share some of your ideas - I would love to hear from you! Comment below or send me an email.

Happy LOVE day, friends! May love surround you every day!




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