Taking the rest of the year off...

"I'm taking the rest of the year off!" - that's what my Dad used to say when he was done work in the summer. He was joking of course, he never stopped working. There was always something to be done on the farm or an odd job he would pick up here and there. He worked up until the day he left us. Even the moment he died, he was busy volunteering his time. Precious time when you look back and think about it.

So that has got me thinking. As I sit here and type this out, my almost six month old son, Merle is squirming around in my arms. He loves it whenever we're in front of the computer. He smiles his adorable little smile at the bright screen. He loves it for about ten minutes - and then he's on to the next exciting thing he can soak up into that little sponge of a mind. It's so amazing to see him take this world in and discover so many new things everyday. He has his whole beautiful life ahead of him and I smile as I think about all the precious days there are to come. 

My husband and I relish each little milestone he achieves. He just learned to sit on his own this week and it blew our minds! Yeah, we are easy to please. But rightfully so...take us back to a few years ago when we never imagined we would be here - melting every time our sweet boy flashes us his gummy smile. We had some trouble getting a family started and the waiting, hoping, wishing and praying really took its toll. It took us to some really, really sad days and then some happier ones and then back down again to a big black pit of anger and despair. I don't wish those days upon my worst enemy. Now, we are one of those couples who have gone on to have our perfect little guy, but we don't forget those dark days or those people who are still going through them. We are always thinking  of you. 

This brings me to my decision. I have concluded that I need to cherish these precious moments with my son. Six months has come and gone before I even realized it. Our baby is quickly turning into a little boy before our eyes. I tried to make work and motherhood go together, but one or the other is eventually going to suffer. I've waited far too long for motherhood to put it second or third in my life. I'm not going to be perfect - my house won't be clean, my Christmas tree will probably be up for another month and I may or may not change out of my pyjamas - but I don't care. Enjoying each moment with my little one is my measure of success. And I'm loving every blissful, baby puke filled second of it. 

As much as I love event planning and weddings - I need to take the rest of the year off. Maybe longer. - I'm not sure yet. I am so grateful for every bride & groom who has trusted me with designing their most special day. I love the work and the feeling of accomplishment when a wedding or event goes from an idea on paper to the glittering, sparkling spectacle before me. This will be my tenth year in the event industry and I finally need to take a little break. I was lucky enough to finish on the most wonderful high note by designing a dream winter wedding for an awesome couple. It was a great way  to end things for now. 

So thank you everyone for the kind words, encouragement and business. I appreciate all the support I have received over the years. My amazing family and friends have helped me with countless setups and takedowns of events. I am sure they are just as glad to take a little break. And I know, there were times I was not the best at returning calls and emails, but there were some very dark days in those ten years. I appreciate your understanding and support despite my unwillingness to respond punctually at times.

I still hope to blog every now and then. I may not be planning events, but that can't stop me from crafting and creating! I'm sure Merle will love diving into Mommy's craft supplies in the months to come! It should be very entertaining!

Thank you again, everyone! In the words of my sweet Dad, "I'm taking the rest of the year off!"

Yours truly,



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